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Christian Education & Leadership Training

Indigenous Missionary Endeavors

Widows & Elderly 

Youth Ministry

Children's Ministry (Orphaned & Indigent)

OUR OVERALL MISSION, IS HELPING PEOPLE FIND THEIR WAY TO GOD...through our Evangelism/Church Planting Program... 


We’ve seen the transformation hundreds of times – people who came to us full of doubt and uncertainty become secure in the knowledge of their rightful place in God’s great kingdom. The change may start slowly – in a prayer session, or one of our programs: an evangelism class, leadership training, medical outreach, the children's ministry, our four-year Liberal Arts College; Liberia Christian College, programs for the widows and the elderly, the youth ministries, an agricultural development class, relief distribution to the needy, or our handicapped( including the deaf) program.  As it begins, it picks up speed.  The good works, shared experiences, time spent in prayer – ALL brings us closer to our highest calling.

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Ministry to the Handicapped & Deaf


Medical Outreach Program



John 1:7; Walking in the light in fellowship one with another thru Christ Jesus.


KEEPING THE CHARGE (II Timothy 4:1-5):

We began our annual apostolic and missionary tour of the ministry in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea, the Ivory Coast and around Liberia.  The purpose of the tour has always been to strengthen the brethren.  We are involved in missionary work in six countries in the sub-region of West Africa including those mentioned above.  The tour was very successful and productive. We saw motivation and reawakening spirit beginning to display amongst the brethren.  Being encouraged by our visit and exhortations, they began to launch intensive outreach endeavors touching many lives in their respective areas of service.

The teams ministered life and restoration to the needy and afflicted in Liberia.  They provided free medical services, church leadership training seminars, community gospel outreach, construction, special ministry to children including the deaf, relief distribution, etc.

The ACFI evangelistic project to cover all major village and towns in rural Liberia and the urban slums with the gospel is intensively gaining great momentum.  More than ninety (90) volunteered evangelists have signed up and assigned at strategic locations.  Many lives have been touched with the gospel, and salvation is spreading among the rural  inhabitants of the country.    Construction work has resumed on the ACFI Bible College; and the Liberia Christian College. We are hoping to reopen for classes soon.    Thank you for  your prayer support for the project.

Liberia Christian College 

An Evangelistic gospel ministry spreading the Christian faith; and providing Christian support for missions on

the continent of Africa, as well as, to the unreached areas of the world; advancing the glory of Christ’s kingdom.

​ (African Christians Fellowship International)
 An Independent Indigenous Bible Believing Church Fellowship