John 1:7; Walking in the light in fellowship one with another thru Christ Jesus.

An Evangelistic gospel ministry spreading the Christian faith; and providing Christian support for missions on

the continent of Africa, as well as, to the unreached areas of the world; advancing the glory of Christ’s kingdom.

An Independent Indigenous Bible Believing Church Fellowship

(African Christians Fellowship International)


 (African Christians Fellowship International)
An Independent Indigenous Bible Believing Church Fellowship




       African  Christians Fellowship International, is an Independent Indigenous Bible Believing Church Fellowship.  The Fellowship constitutes more than two hundred  indigenous churches dedicated to reaching the continent of Africa and humanity with the gospel of Jesus Christ in fulfillment of the great commission.  (Matthews 28:18 20). 

      Founded in 1986, ACFI has become God's instrument to reaching multitudes of lost souls with the gospel message.  The fellowship has been established in six of the sixteen countries in the sub-region of West Africa and the USA.    


The purposes of ACFI are embodied  into four categories

To be a lighthouse in the dark world of sin. 

To serve humanity. 

To spread the gospel through evangelism. 

To strengthen the body of Christ.

I.   As a lighthouse, we must shine.  

      First and foremost, we exist to glorify God.  We seek to shine with His light.  We strive to be the city set on a hill, the light that is NOT hid under a basket.   We seek to shine for God in all that we do, and especially in our worship of Him.

      In order to shine, we must be light.  "Light" is a result of an encounter between energy and matter.   Many elements come together to produce light.  When many lights are joined together, they produce a magnificent and glittering brightness.  Darkness is diminished and light is profoundly abundant, and God is glorified.    The life we live is a journey.  The destiny is God; and, "God is light and in Him there is no darkness"  (I John 1:5).   Jesus described God's people as the "light of the world" (Matthew 5:14).   This means that we are the custodians of the light to mankind.   The responsibility to bring that light into the spiritual darkness of the world rests upon us  (Matthew 5:15).   

       Jesus also commanded us to shine by reflecting that light for others to see (Matthew 5:16).   As we journey in God and through God, it is expedient for us to remember that the "Light" we bare is meant for all mankind.   A cooperative and collective reflection of the light will produce sufficient "Light" for all.    Jesus prayed for this venture; (John 17:21-23) and, we are also reminded by the Apostle John when he declared;  "That which we have seen and heard declare us unto you that ye also may have fellowship with us,  and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with his son Jesus Christ."  (I John  1:3)  Blessed be God, the Father and our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, who by His grace has called us to His marvelous "Light" and fellowship and commanded us to shine, to bring redemption and life to the lost.   To Him be the Glory! 

II.  The second purpose of ACFI is to serve.

       Why is this second?  Jesus himself commanded it.   When asked, "What is the greatest commandment?" Jesus answered, "To love the Lord your God." (That's why we seek to shine for Him - our first purpose).   He then went on to say, "And the second greatest commandment is like it:  Love your neighbor as yourself."  From this we draw our second purpose - to serve our fellow man.   ACFI implements its commitments to serve in the following three ministries: 

Medical Outreach 

  Agricultural Development

  Relief Ministry

 III.   The Third purpose of ACFI is to go and make disciples

          When leaving or making a trip, often the last things you say are most important.   How fortunate we are to have Jesus' last words to us, just before He was taken up to His Father.  And, what did he say?  "Go into the world and make disciples."  Indeed, we are sent to evangelize and make disciples.  We do this thru our: Evangelism Program.

IV.   The fourth purpose of ACFI is to strengthen the Body of Christ.  

         We must strengthen new believers in order that they may become fully-devoted followers of Jesus - true disciples.     

        ACFI seeks to implement our fourth purpose through  our Christian Education Ministry.



An evangelistic gospel ministry spreading the Christian faith; and providing Christian support for missions on the continent  of Africa, as well as, to the unreached areas of the world; advancing the glory of Christ's kingdom.