John 1:7; Walking in the light in fellowship one with another thru Christ Jesus.

An Evangelistic gospel ministry spreading the Christian faith; and providing Christian support for missions on

the continent of Africa, as well as, to the unreached areas of the world; advancing the glory of Christ’s kingdom.

An Independent Indigenous Bible Believing Church Fellowship

(African Christians Fellowship International)


​ (African Christians Fellowship International)
 An Independent Indigenous Bible Believing Church Fellowship


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Individuals  and businesses who donate their professional services and products to support the programs and mission of African Christians Fellowship International, allow us to operate without increased administrative overhead.   This ensures that public donations go directly to program implementation.  We extend our sincere appreciation to our dedicated and loyal donors.



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1. EVANGELISM PROGRAM - Missionary evangelists were commissioned for the task of "launching out Into the Deep."  This evangelistic outreach has been launched for the sole purpose of adequately reaching the Liberian nation at all levels with the gospel and making disciples.

The country comprises fifteen counties.  Our goal  is to assign twelve evangelists to each county (Mark 5:4). The duration of the project is 5 years.  The program was launched in February, 2011. We continue to see the fruits of this effort.   CHURCH PLANTING - Our evangelists, native missionaries and gospel workers, continue to brave the culture of peril and travelled to remote villages and towns, as well as, crime riddled city slums to preach the gospel of Christ. The witness has been difficult, but very critical and demanding.  Multitudes of lost souls are being saved, baptized and added to the church. 

2. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION/LEADERSHIP PROGRAM- The Christian College and Bible Institute was created in 1998. Since this time, the college has trained men and women for ministry and professional discipline. The purpose of the college is to provide Christian-based education to men and women by equipping them academically and spiritually to pursue their chosen vocations with excellence and integrity. Our Christian College & Bible Institute is  under construction.

3. MEDICAL OUTREACH PROGRAM - ACFI medical program is the support arm of the healing ministry of the church.  It is through this program that free primary health care is provided to the needy and disadvantaged people.  As a church, we are called by God to attend and minister to the total person through our gifting's and professional disciples.  

4. CHILDREN'S MINISTRY, (ORPHANED & INDIGENT MINISTRY) PROGRAM - ACFI Ministries to needy children including orphans, indigent and the handicapped continue to remain a major thrust of our gospel endeavor. We continue to make progress with the boarding mission program in providing adequate care for the children.  The teachers and caregivers at both the Daniel Hoover Children's Village and the Oscar & Viola Stewart Mission for Deaf Children are making tremendous sacrifices to give life and a future to the children. 

5.WIDOW'S & THE ELDERLY PROGRAM - ACFI has established a program to aid the widow's and elderly who may not be able to bring in income with; free medical care, clothing and necessary provisions, and their spiritual needs.  ACFI is dedicated in serving the needy and disadvantaged. 

6.  YOUTH MINISTRY PROGRAM- ACFI evangelists minister to children in various communities and local churches.  They do so through organized Christian sports clinics, children Bible camps, Bible quizzing, and music festivals.  The evangelists also volunteer as Bible teachers at public and private schools. 

7. AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - We have developed a farm project to assist in meeting the food requirement of the children of the Village.  The (10) acre farmland is used to produce some basic foods that will help supplement the dietary needs for our children. 

8 INDIGENOUS MISSIONARY ENDEAVORS - ACFI continues to train and send out indigenous missionaries to adequately reach the Liberian nation at all levels with the gospel; and to serve those who are less fortunate. 

9.  MINISTRY TO THE HANDICAPPED - It is a reality that the disabled people living in the most disadvantaged and poorest communities of Liberia have a greater need for the help from ACFI. As a response to that dire need, we minister to the deaf community through the; ACFI Deaf Mission, (Oscar & Viola Stewart School for the Deaf). Our teachers and caregivers are very committed and hardworking. They have a sincere heart and dedication when it comes to helping the children. In addition, ACFI also provides aid and services to the physically handicapped.

10. LIBERIA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE - Liberia Christian College is a four-year Liberal Arts College approved by the commission  on higher education, for the republic of Liberia,  operating within the mandates approved.  Liberia Christian College is authorized to issue degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Science in Majors of; Administration, Agriculture, Biblical Studies, Education, Management, Missions, Theology and Trades; Auto Mechanical Science, Computer and Equipment Repairs.